Indy Eats – Bazbeaux Pizza

Linny Rousseau, Campus News Editor

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To begin this food series, I decided to head north of campus to cover a food a number of us love: pizza. Bazbeaux has two locations, one in the downtown area on Massachusetts Avenue and one in the Broad Ripple area. I headed up to Broad Ripple, approximately 20 minutes from campus. Though the drive may be somewhat long, I promise it is worth it for all the pizza lovers out there.


First of all, the atmosphere very much blends in with the atmosphere of Broad Ripple. The place is extremely relaxed. There is indoor and outdoor seating available, but of course, in the middle of January, the indoor seating was the only plausible option. The waiters were friendly from the beginning to the end of my experience. I never felt like I was being ignored or overly attended to. The atmosphere alone made this a wonderful time.


The food took this to another level. I started off with their award-winning Cheese Garlic Bread. One order can serve 2-3 people. After tasting, I completely understood why it was award-winning. A perfect blend of cheese and garlic placed on a small loaf of French bread. A must-have when you take a trip to Bazbeaux. As for the pizza, it too was worth the drive. I ordered a large Barbeque chicken pizza, topped with barbeque sauce and extra mozzarella cheese. The pizza comes in thin crust, where you can make the most out of your toppings. It was an amazing blend of flavors. On top of the taste, the size was perfect. A typically square-cut large pizza could potentially feed up to 6 people. Everything about the food made the trip worthwhile.


The only downfall to Bazbeaux Pizza would probably be the price. I say this lightly, as you can also make this very affordable. The Cheese Garlic Bread cost $3.95. The pizza was $20. After taxes and tips, the meal cost roughly $30. If you head to Broad Ripple alone or on a date, I would be conscious of the size of the pizza you get. This will save you some money. However, it is not too bad when splitting amongst 3-4 people for the entire meal, each individual spending roughly $10.


On a scale from 1-5, 5 being the best, I would give Bazbeaux a 4. It is an extremely chic pizzeria with some incredible food. For more information on Bazbeaux Pizza, feel free to check out their website at


Look forward to my next Indy Eats adventure, as I venture out to some more cultural restaurants near campus.