Marian University Campus Spotlight: Josh McCain (Clare Hall Custodian)

Gary Wright III, Staff

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Q: How long have you been working at Marian?

A: Started here on the spring break of 2018, so almost 8 months.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working here at Marian?

A: What I enjoy most about working here at this University, is that it’s not hard you just have to do your job.

Q: Anything you don’t like about working here at Marian?

A: It’s something that I don’t like about every job, so no need to indulge on that.

Q: Do students on campus ever interact with you while you’re doing your job?

A: The students here at Marian University are most of the time respectful and generous, only bad interaction I get is using the restroom when I’m trying to clean the bathroom.

Q: Do you feel that you’re appreciated for what you do here at Marian?

A: Yes, I do feel appreciated here at Marian and I get invited back every day, so that’s a plus.