Destination Near

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Destination Near

Linny Rousseau, Campus News Editor

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I’m getting anxious

It’s almost here

I can’t believe it

The image is becoming clear


The tickets are bought

The room is booked

If I’m not mistaken

I’m already hooked


I’m not even there yet

I can taste the food

I can see the beach

I can feel it in my mood


The days are dwindling

The weeks are at zero

As soon as I arrive at the plane

The pilot will be my hero


I cannot wait for this journey ahead

For I know I will have a blast

Spring break 2019 will be one for the books

And will contain so many memories to last!


As we head into spring break, I am so excited to prepare my next project for you all! I am going to Puerto Rico for the week and will be making a vlog to give you all a glimpse into my experience. Stay tuned!