Talking Sports with G (Marian University Basketball- Christian Stewart)

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    Talking Sports with G (Marian University Basketball- Christian Stewart)

    G: How do you feel the season has went so far?

    C Stewart: The season has gone very well. With every season there are going to be ups and downs for the team. Right now, we are playing our best team basketball of the season which is why we are very excited about going to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to compete in the national tournament.

    G: Who was the most difficult team you guys played this season?

    C Stewart: Going against Indiana Wesleyan. We have been 1-2. However, two of those games have come down to the last possession so we know what things we need to do to win those types of games.

    G: What made them the most difficult?

    C Stewart: They are a very good and smart team. Like our team, they all know their roles and do them well.

    G: As a team, what do you all bring when stepping on the court?

    C Stewart: We all play our role. Whatever our role is, you know that you are going to get the best out of us that night. Also, to compliment the starters, we believe that we have the deepest bench in the country. We all have the capability to make plays for our team.

    G: After making it all the way to the Elite Eight in last year’s NAIA tournament, what do you feel your team learned from being there?

    C Stewart: I feel like the experience will help us going into this year. Going into last years tournament we wanted to win a national championship but this year going into the tournament as a better seed we realize we have a very realistic shot at winning it all.

    G: What would you say is a successful season this year?

    C Stewart: A successful season would be to win a national championship. We have won a lot of games this season but when it comes down to it, we have not won anything yet.

    G: Does the team ever discuss winning the national championship?

    C Stewart: Obviously the ultimate goal at the end of the season is to win a national championship, but what we focus on is getting better one day at a time and focusing on the next game in front of us.

    G: How would it feel bringing Marian University its first men’s basketball championship?

    C Stewart: It would mean everything for our team. Achieving our ultimate goal of winning a national championship would cement all of the hard work that we put in every day. I believe it would be a great achievement for not only the players and the coaches, but also for everyone who has supported us throughout the season.