The Orchid Exhibit at Newfields

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The Orchid Exhibit at Newfields

Allegra Colgrove and Bella Simons

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Stop and smell the flowers- this saying has been around forever. Our lives are so busy that we never stop and enjoy the little moments like hearing the sound of rain pouring down, observing the sycamore tree in the fresh morning light, and taking in the beauty of the orchids. Orchids are symbolic of grace, beauty, and love—naturally. The colors of the flowers I saw at the museum were amazing. Each were bright, bold, and stunning. The deep fuschias, the purple hues, and the lightest shade of blush were mesmerizing. In reflection of my experience, here is poem I wrote:



The flower sits with an elegance I’ve never quite seen.

Each hue, each color as magnificently bright as a sunbeam.

The purple shade captivates all my attention.

I feel like I’m transported to another dimension.

This flower before me, so delicate, so exquisite,

I’m suddenly so grateful that I came to visit.

These orchids before me, with petals of grace,

Seem as dainty as old, worn, fine lace.  


The clock chime breaks my gaze

As I’m brought back to my world of greys.

As I make my way to the door, I take one last look

Upon the flowers that left me so shook.

Goodbye little flowers, I whisper, waving with a sigh.

I leave the building and look up to the sky.

Goodbye little flowers, I say to the wind,

I shake my head and I start to grin.

Those flowers have inspired me so.

I think of them as I start to go.  

-Bella Simons


Since I have seen the orchids at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I was inspired by the frail beauty of the flowers that surrounded me. I took the ideology of Georgia O’Keeffe in Modernist art. Due to the growing environment and the advancement in technology, people do not stop to appreciate anymore, they are too busy checking their watches and playing on their smartphones. The orchid show forces us to look at the nature of the orchids, similar to O’Keeffe’s work since she blows up her paintings.



When the world keeps turning,

And the people keep moving,

I often wonder about life

How often life is overlooked

How often life is taken for granted

We know how small we are

In this great big world

When the people don’t stop moving,

I can’t help to wonder-

Why are they so ignorant of you?

-Allegra –