An Unexpected Houseguest

Jacques Le Hanaff

Bella Simons, Staff

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On a spring day in 2007, the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining, there was not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was a nice 72 degrees. My family was having a lazy Sunday afternoon: my dad was reading the paper, my mom was journaling, and my brother and I were watching cartoons. My mom had a great idea: “Let’s open the back door to enjoy the weather!” We did so and resumed our activities. After about thirty minutes, somehow, a bird got into our house, and my family and I started freaking out. It was flying around while we were all screaming.

“Get the broom!” my mom called out to me. I raced into the pantry and retrieved it. “Matt, get the mop!” my dad said to my brother. We started frantically chasing the bird around towards the door, but there was no luck. It continued to flit about our living room at rapid speed.  We continued to chase it, while my mom opened all the doors and windows. Suddenly, another bird got into the house, flying around chaotically. We continued to chase them until they finally exited our home. I closed the door, eyes wide with shock.

“Let’s never do that again.”