Trash in Indy


Jazilyn Richardson, Staff

Marian University has a beautiful campus that is kept up by our lovely staff. It is easy to become blind to what is outside of the walls of Marian. As soon as you open your eyes to what is outside of the Marian perimeter, you will realize we have some cleaning up to do to keep our world we live in clean and tidy.

As soon as you leave Marian’s property all that is in sight is litter dirtying up the city. We all live in this city, or at least go to school in it, so it is our job to keep it clean instead of being helpless bystanders.

This is what our city will look like if we do not start to take responsibility for what is happening around us, even if it is not directly coming from us.

Have you ever had a guest over at your house that did not throw away their trash before they left? You threw away that trash, right? We are all owners of the Earth and need to start treating it that way before the mess is so big that we cannot handle it. One of our core values is responsible stewardship, and so it is our job to live up to that value by taking responsibility for this big green planet.

There is an organization that helps reduce trash here in Indy called Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. They alway accept volunteers. Actually, they thrive off of volunteers, so if you are looking for a place to assist to help the Earth this is a good organization to turn to. Or you can always just clean up trash by yourself out of the goodness in your heart. If we can all work together we can leave this Earth as clean as it was when we came in to it!