The Children’s Museum


Bella Simons, Staff

When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was go to the Children’s Museum.  Back then we had an annual pass, and my brother, dad and I went all the time. We’d visit the dinosaurs, then go to the boats, and lastly, the carousel. It was wonderful.  

This one time in third grade, we had a class field trip to the Children’s Museum. Once we arrived, we split into groups.  My mom was a chaperone and I was in her group. First, off our group went to the Barbie exhibit- the greatest exhibit of all time.  Back then me and my best friend, Sarah, were into playing with them and were thrilled to check it out. We looked at all the Barbies with wonder in our eyes.  

After that, we went to the blown glass room. We stared up at the glass, wondering how it got to be in such amazing shapes. We sat down at on the spinning bench and looked up at the art.  They were all so colorful.

Next, we went to the dinosaur exhibit. It was astounding- there, right before our very eyes were real-looking dinosaurs! When a t-rex roared, we all jumped. I looked at the dinosaurs, from the triceratops to the mighty t-rex, and thought about what it would be like to find my very own dinosaur bone.  

Later our group saw the carousel, and it was magical. The horses were painted with fantastic colors, and the lights from overhead illuminated them. We were so excited to ride it, we were jumping with anticipation. When it was finally our turn to ride the ride, we picked our horses:  mine had a pink ribbon around it, and Sarah’s had a purple one. We climbed on, and the ride started. As I was going around on my horse, I looked around. The ceiling was lit up with stars that glowed like embers, and as I looked out onto the scene around me, I saw my mom with her camera, snapping away. From the ride, I could see the playhouses and the mirror room.  It was a magical experience. Later we pretended we worked at an ice cream shop in this little playhouse. There was fake ice cream, bowls, and even spoons. I served my mom several scoops.

After that, we checked out out the gift shop, where my mom bought us all candy, even though according to my teacher, it had been forbidden. Later we boarded the bus to go home, and even though I was sad to go, I had the memories to treasure. Once we got back to school, I hugged my mom. “Best trip ever!” I told her.

Since then, I have been back once. It was the fall of 2017, and I decided to go for old time’s sake. My dad and I went, and it was magical. We went to the blown glass exhibit, and it was just as awesome as I remembered. We sat on the bench together and looked up at the art.  Next, we went to the dinosaurs and took about a million pictures in front of them. Lastly, we went up to the top floor, and we rode the carousel. It was wonderful. As I rode on my horse with pink ribbons, I looked around me. To my left were the small playhouses, the mirror room, and to my right was my dad, smiling at me. It was a beautiful moment.

After that, we went home, and on the way, I thought about the great day I’d just had. I knew I had just created a wonderful memory with my dad.