Mission Statement

MU Knightwatch is a physical and digital manifestation of the news and creative elements belonging  to Marian University of Indianapolis. The MU Knightwatch staff comprises Marian students and is overseen by a faculty advisor. Each member enters our program intending to write and create content in a manner that educates, informs, and entertains Marian University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective students and families observing the university.
By code of law and abidance with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, we exercise our right to free speech and exude the power of the press. In correspondence to these rights, our efforts aim for authenticity. This includes but is not limited to a genuine search for truth, a strive to follow journalistic integrity as set by AP standards, and to work toward exposing injustices and exploring promises in all facets of university life.
MU Knightwatch operates as a student-led organization, operating both in a physical platform and an online realm that incorporates our website and our social media activity. Therefore, we operate under the media laws and principles that apply to a private and Catholic university setting and regarding governing state laws. Under the Constitution of Indiana, freedom of speech permits us “free interchange of thought and opinion… the right to speak, write, or print freely on any subject whatever; but for the abuse of that right, every person shall be responsible” (Article I, Section 9). In our operation, as much we are at liberty to report what we deem newsworthy, we also pledge to work under the legal boundaries encompassing scholastic journalism.
As distinguished in Indiana’s Academic Standards for English/Language Arts, there are penalties for and limited restrictions for journalists and editors that produce written or digitized works regarding issues that include but are not limited to censorship, copyright, libel and slander, obscenity and vulgar language, prior review and retraction (JRN.2.4). Any works or posts that violates the ramifications of our code of ethics or abuses our procedures will be subject to investigation and/or dismissal. As an organization receiving funding from and operating on the grounds of Marian University, we also operate in the spirit of our Franciscan Heritage. Therefore, in abidance to our value of the dignity of the individual, we must adhere to purifying all of our works to ensure that our words and ideas do not harm or discriminate against any individual or group of people based on their gender (identity), race, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, physical or mental disability, national origin, ancestry, age, and/or veteran status. We place our merit on not promoting: hate speech, religious or political intolerance, incitement of fear or violence, providing false or inaccurate information about a person, place, event, or situation, and other components that go against the logistics of the laws surrounding freedom of expression.
We value our credibility as the most important pillar to true journalism. MU Knightwatch seeks to promote only works that are honest and accurate. We strive to only produce stories that will be met by viewers as important, engaging, and relevant. The primary focus of our student media outlet is to highlight school news centered on Marian University. In the event of any community, state, national, or international news that will affect any or all members of the Marian community, we will use our platform to bring to light the information or values that stem from these stories, regardless of their controversial or unpopular nature.
If any MU Knightwatch staff member or member of the Marian community discovers a mistake or any erroneous statement, quote, or image, adjustments to the error(s) must be printed and/or posted in the subsequent issue within the section in which the mistake(s) appeared. Just as MU Knightwatch must cater to the prospects of the law, so to do we expect such responsibility to befall on our audiences to report inadequacies, prejudices, scrutiny, bias, and other forms of written or published errors that we have made. As a community ourselves, we stand as a group dedicated to conversing with one another, using problem-solving tactics when needed, and to produce works that represent the majority and to ensure that each person feels they are a core member of our team. Therefore, each MU Knightwatch journalist and editor is valued on account of their character and their infinite dignity and worth.

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