LGBT+ Community on Campus

LGBT+ Community on Campus

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Allyson McClure, Social Media Manager

LGBT+ life on Marian University’s campus is more represented then you may know. As a student on Marian’s campus, you may unaware that we have an undergraduate LGBT+ alliance and an MU-COM alliance (med school). Each group is a safe space where like-minded individuals can meet up and share. Both groups have their own purposes.

The undergraduate LGBT+ alliance’s purpose and goal “[are] to be able to teach those who don’t understand the LGBT+ Community as a whole along with keeping our Franciscan values that we teach on campus. But it is also meant for people in the community to be able to connect with others and have friendships/family on campus that they can lean on when things are rough” said group president Karina Mosqueda.

The group is working with the school to host events that educate students, bring awareness to the group, and are a fun escape for people.

“Last year there was a series of dialogic conversations between advisers, students, and the Dean of Students Ruth Rodgers, Adam Setmeyer, and Jeanne Hidalgo, that have continued into this year,” said co-advisor Professor Baumann. These dialogues resulted in growing and bettering the partnership of the program and the administration to put on said events.

MU-COM alliance’s purpose is to “further the education, advocacy, and partnership with LGBT patients,” said group president Melissa Zak “we’re here to provide education about care and care disparities among the population.”

After speaking with a few members of these clubs, it is clear some have faced struggles on campus. Most state that while no one has been outwardly mean to them, they have dealt with various micro-aggressions.

An unnamed, bi-sexual female on campus recalled a time where her fellow male lab partners told her “by the time you are done working with us you are going to be 90% into men.”

Comments like these show there is still room for growth, compassion, and education when it comes to the LGBT+ community.
“The majority of students are very nice and willing to learn,” Zak said, “I want to know your questions and I want to help to educate.”

This willingness to teach, and openness to learn shows growth for these club’s futures. The open dialogue created between these groups, the faculty and our administration is a representation of progress.

On Wednesday, October 30th the undergraduate Alliance will host a Family Dinner aimed at bringing people together and hearing  people’s stories. MU Alliance will also host Trivia Night on Wednesday, November 13th from 5 to 8 PM in Alumni Hall. The MU-COM Alliance hosts meeting every first Thursday of each month.