Knights Give Back to Community

Linny Rousseau, Guest Writer

Marian University is standing with the city to improve Indy neighborhoods and enhance the community atmosphere yet again. Marian took part in this year’s Indy Do Day. Several groups engaged with the westside neighborhoods by doing various service projects intended to make a lasting impact.

Indy Do Day is a series of days spent getting individuals from Indianapolis out into their neighborhoods to make a difference and learn about the surrounding people. This year, the events took place from September 26th to the 29th. Marian encouraged students to participate in hopes of building relationships with teammates, club members, and even strangers while working on a single project. This year, nearly 200 participants from Marian completed eight projects within the westside of Indianapolis.

The resulting experience proved powerful for everyone involved.

Marian University junior Ethan Bunce spoke about his Indy Do Day experience with the wrestling team. He said, “This is a day where you donate a couple of hours of your time to give back to your community, which I love.”

He had two assigned tasks this year. This first took place at Sommer’s Mansion on campus, where the team helped reorganize the first level, such as moving items upstairs if needed. The other task took place at the Wilbur Shaw Soap Box Derby Hill, just across from the Evans Center on campus. There the group did some dirty work, such as cleaning up sidewalks and painting awnings. The team overall experienced a busy, but rewarding day.

This is Bunce’s third year doing Indy Do Day with the wrestling team. He continues to state good remarks for this program. He said, “There is nothing like a good hard-working day with the boys.” He said the experience aided the team in bonding as they prepare for their upcoming season.

Along with Bunce, Marian is not a stranger to Indy Do Day. In fact, the university has assisted with Indy Do Day since its pilot program commenced. According to the PRN Newswire, Indy Do Day originated from a global day of service put on through Eli Lilly and Company. In 2012, the organization joined forces with the city to create what is now Indy Do Day. Indy Do Day continues to be a tradition on campus and Marian’s organizers do not expect this changing anytime soon. Indy Do Day remains a four-day community service event.

Deb Lawrence, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and General Counsel, said that Indy Do Day gets Marian students out into the community. She emphasizes its impacts on the education and relationship-building components of this event.

Lawrence said, “diversity and richness near campus” allows students to grow within this community.”

Though many projects take place on or near campus, a few take place in the neighborhoods around Marian. Indy Do Day allows students to not only educate themselves on communities around them but also assist in building up their network with community members. In the years to come, Indy Do Day will continue to encourage Marian students to serve their local communities.