Marian Resources Address Expectations for Students

Marian Resources Address Expectations for Students

Jeffery Martin, Staff Writer

Marian University is the home to the Speaking Studio and Peer Tutor Center located on campus. Both resources are dedicated to helping potential clients with academic success. The Speaking Studio is open to students and staff as the Peer Tutor Center is open to students. Clients potentially lacking experience with the resources may be unaware of the expectations of the consultants and peers. A few consultants of the studio and a lead peer tutor provided some expectations for clients who may visit sometime soon.

The Speaking Studio provides one-on-one, or group, consultation with students to help improve performance for oral presentations and research structure. Each consultant provides different speaking and reassurance strategies to help articulate a student’s message for a report or speech. The Speaking Studio is intended to strengthen what students already do well, such as questions and details for a possible topic, and to develop the areas students feel will amplify confidence as a speaker like engaging the audience in a presentation. This can amplify confidence as the speaker could become comfortable knowing the audience is actually listening instead of being filled with doubts.

The Speaking Center helps with this by listening to what a client may have so far. The consultant will give comments and suggestions working alongside the client to prepare for their next draft. The Assistant Director of the Speaking Studio, Marah Leonfils, provided expectations the Speaking Studio has for students.

“I think it’s helpful to come with questions and an idea of what you’d like to discuss as opposed to a ‘clear idea’ of anything,” Leonfils said.

Leonfils states that there is ‘no expectation’ that students will have a clear understanding of their topic or details of their speech or presentation.

Leonfils suggested, “I think it is best helpful to come with questions and an idea of what you’d like to discuss or explore during your consult.”

Students who are not sure of what to do will not be scorned upon entering. The studio welcomes it as it can bring new possibilities during the meeting.

Leonfils said, “Nothing is actually an opportunity to try to reorient their focus, consider new goals about their current stage.”

Leonfils further advises for students to seek out their resource center as needed.

She said, “Utilizing our resource center is about strengthening what you already do so well, and developing the areas you feel, will amplify your confidence as a speaker.”

Julian Santos, a sophomore consultant, provided more context for students coming in without an idea.

“We understand that students enter our studio with baggage, and as consultants, we create space to be present to something that may not have been their immediate focus,” Santos said.

If peers are in need of brushing up speaking or presentation skills, the Speaking Studio is available to all. The consultants will understand if students do not have an idea of their topic before coming in, and will use that time spent during an appointment to renew focus and prepare them for another visit.

Likewise, the Peer Tutoring Center is a resource offered to students. Its goal is to help develop and instill confidence and understanding of their assignments and notes. It is available for a range of courses. Tutoring is provided for either student to student meetings or in groups.

Cierra Carney is a junior lead peer as she displayed knowledgeable success in her major and is a supplemental instructor for Calculus. She stated some expectations. Bring all materials required for the session so the tutor can help with any confusion. All assignments and readings must be completed before entering. Students are recommended to study afterwards as tutors will not be there to help during class time.

“Students should already have their work completed. A peer tutor is to help them understand the material, not to do it for them.” Carney said.

Carney discussed expectations for students to understand their material so peer tutors will help guide you to a more thorough understanding.

Carney advises, “Do not be afraid of contacting a peer tutor. It can be more productive to learn with a fellow peer instead of struggling in your courses.”

Depending on a student’s situation it can be okay to work from nothing or to have something to gain a deeper understanding. The expectations among the Speaking Studio and the Peer Tutor Center are something to keep in mind before visiting. For the Speaking Studio it can be helpful if questions are provided and an idea of the topic instead of being certain of the topic. The consultants will understand if you come in with nothing in mind and will use the time helping the client formulate a potential topic instead.

The Peer Tutoring Center expects that all assignments are completed and read before entering. The peer tutor will help guide the student if there is any confusion. It is also encouraged to study the material after the initial gathering. With the expectations met students can indulge the services to the fullest. The services provide a boost for their clients for success in skills and education. Building skills by helping improve what is done well and to work on weaknesses, or to assist if there is trouble or pitfalls a client may have. These resources are available to all at Marian to help learn new skills or to improve understanding.