Have a Holly Jolly Christkindlmarkt!

Have a Holly Jolly Christkindlmarkt!

Jeffery Martin

Jeffery Martin

The weather outside is soon to be frightful. The fire will be feeling so delightful. Think there’s no place to go? The Caramel Christkindlmarkt is available to all of the good boys and girls with their families this Christmas season. Expect a blizzard of German culture to flow through the city of Caramel as the weather becomes colder.

Christkindlmarkt, which is translated as “Christ child market” according to their website, is a tradition that originated during the middle ages in Saxony, Germany. Today it is a celebration of German holiday traditions and culture. Join the festivities by indulging in authentic German holiday food and drinks. Browse around the shops for decorations and gifts. Enjoy ice skating, but try not to slip in front of your friends. Brush up on your history by touring the museum with Christmas history in Germany. And, of course, enjoy the sights as the snow falls around; it is a winter-filled with new cultural significance right in the heart of Carmel.

Christkindlmarkt has a bushel of stands to bait the visitor’s eyes. There should be no complaints about being hungry, thirsty or bored with forty-four combined choices of food, beverages, and gifts to purchase; or just go for your viewing pleasure. Feeling kind of chilly and wanting to drink something to warm you up? Enjoy some authentic Belgian hot chocolate or visit the Java Haus for some coffee drinks with that special holiday flavor.

Waffles, strudels and brownies are only the beginning of delights and flavors for you to enjoy. Those feeling like Saint Nick himself can overfill on cookies and milk. If you’re lacking enough funds for food feel free to sample the treats. There are twenty options of food and drinks to choose from, don’t wait until your nose is red to get some. The remaining twenty-four stands features German decorations like handmade ornaments straight from Germany with authentic nutcrackers and wood carvings.

If you plan on doing some holiday shopping here you’ll have twenty four different stands to browse for decor or gifts. Your first-time ice-skating is either your best winter memory or your worst accident. Placed right in the middle of Christkindlmarkt is the ice-skating rink. One of the German classes at Marian spent most of their time skating around the rink, with the mandatory slips and falls included. One of these students, Luke Proctor, also spoke about his ice skating experience: 

Proctor said, “I felt like a cartoon character with all of the slipping.”

Another student, Thomas Hellmich, talked more about the museum featuring the history of Christmas in Germany.

Hellmich said, “I don’t want to give many spoilers about the history itself. A lot of Christmas traditions here in America are originated from Germany, some being more mind blowing than others.” 

The Kulturecke is the museum showcasing German Christmas traditions with bits of German history in Indianapolis. I will spoil some surprises about the museum: Did you know that candy canes and gingerbread houses originated from Germany? Even the glass ornaments seen on Christmas trees around here are German culture. A display is seen on the inside as well. 

On certain scheduled days, someone will play the role of a character named Hildegard; a German storyteller, will give some more insight on Christmas in Germany. Hildegard will appear dressed up in the Kulturecke to tell stories to families, and explain German traditions such as Nutcrackers and Advent Calendars.

My thoughts on the trip is to think of it as a pie: Some slices will be delicious, others are informative, and the rest is enjoying the sights– especially if that sight consists of watching the mayor of Carmel play an Alphorn. Want to learn more? Christkindlmarkt is currently open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-9 pm and on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 12-9pm. It is located on 10 Center Green, Carmel, IN 46032

For more information on ice skating you can visit their website at https://www.theiceatcentergreen.com. 

Find a full schedule of events at their main website at https://www.carmelchristkindlmarkt.com.