Is Safety a Big Issue On Campus?


Joel Cung

Nighttime view of the Oriental Garden and Tea House at Marian University.

Joel Cung, Staff Writer

Last year, a group of students in a Communication course made surveyed around 200 students and staff. The survey consisted of basic questions like: “Have you ever felt unsafe on campus? If you have, provide an example.” Around 30% of respondents who took the survey said sometimes they felt unsafe.

Most of the people who felt unsafe mentioned that it was on their way back to their dormitories. One anonymous student said, “I left mass by 7 PM; [it was] already dark out.” They said, “Just walking to my car in the parking lot, I felt paranoid as if I was in danger of getting kidnapped or jumped.”

Outside of the survey, multiple students claim to feel this way. Curtis Nguyen is a resident assistant at Clare Hall. He also works in the library until midnight and walks home after his shift. He said he frequently feels “ unsafe while walking back to his dorm.”

Although safety is always a concern, there are things students can do to help them feel safer. Students can download the 911 Shield app on their phone. The app is the preferred means of contacting first responders on campus. Another safety measure is to use the various emergency buttons around campus. The buttons are located on white poles throughout the campus with a blue emergency button. Finally, students should feel free to interact with the campus police officers.

While safety is an issue, it does not have to be a debilitating one. Ngun Thlumang, a freshman psychology major said, “I think the campus is pretty safe and I always see Marian

Officers around campus.” She regularly uses the Rosary Walk from the Evans Center to get to her dorm, even late at night. She is not overly concerned with safety. Nevertheless, she said the campus needs a few more lights.

Only time will tell what more the university will do to provide safety for its student body.