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Knights for Life

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The Cemetery of the Innocents was a display of three thousand pink flags stuck in the ground on Marian’s campus. It was a memorial for the three thousand unborn lives that die from abortion every single day in the United States alone, and a representation of the three thousand mothers that were told abortion is their only or best option. Knights for Life set up this display to bring awareness about abortion on campus. Our intention was to foster and start conversation about the abortion issue; and this display accomplished that purpose.

On the back of each pink card we passed out, there was a resource for women to go to if they or anyone they knew had been personally impacted by abortion. Knights for Life is a club on campus that wants women to know they have support and are loved, regardless of what has happened to them. At our display, we had pregnancy resources, adoption resources, and healing and counseling resources readily available and on hand for anyone who came up and wanted to learn more. Our intention was to let people know that abortion takes three thousand lives every day, and many people were not aware of this fact before the display. We had countless faculty, staff, and students stop by with their eyes wide opened, shocked at this statistic. We also had signs around campus explaining the display, but also signs saying “We offer HOPE and Healing” with information about free, confidential counseling to anyone who has been impacted.

We were told that one or two people passing out flyers appeared have gone too far in making sure they received one.  We did not instruct any of our members to chase people down, and we certainly do not want that to happen in the future. Please inform us if you have any further information on this incident. We apologize for any frustration that the situation has caused.

The fliers and cards were offered for healing and for information. We wanted to do everything we could to reach out to people and help them to understand our display and also to offer any resources we could to aid in healing for anyone affected by abortion. If anybody went too far down the sidewalk then kindly let us know and we will absolutely address that.

We look forward to the future of the conversations on campus and hope this will foster a sense of dialogue and discussion. If you really liked the Cemetery of Innocents and want to learn more about our club events and our mission, then check out our instagram @muknights4life, find us on facebook at “Marian University Knights for Life” or email us at [email protected].

For Life,

Marian University’s Knights for Life Club