Roses & Thorns- Week Two

Blair Kramer, Web Master and Managerial Editor

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Again, I wanted to just thank everybody who made a submission this past week. Please keep them coming! If you’re interested in having a rose or thorn featured next Thursday, feel free to email us at [email protected]!

Here are this weeks Roses:

“A rose to the cafeteria crew for offering nachos for lunch!”

“Roses to Dr. Lecher because you taught me so much in your class. I never realized how passionate I could be about advocating sustainable solutions for our environment until I took ENV170.”

“A whole bunch of roses to the lovely W.T. for simply being awesome and wonderful.”

“Props to Moira Metz for being such a genuinely great friend and caring for those around her! Super thankful for you, girl.”

“Many thanks to Becky Kuhlman because she saw so much potential in me from day one and I cannot thank her enough for giving me the opportunities that she has.”

“A rose to Valarie Hummer for being the smartest person I know.”

“Roses to hot chocolateIt’s not as addictive as coffee, but it’s just as good.”

“Shout out to my mentors on campus. You don’t know how much I look up to you, and how much you’ve impacted my life.”


Here are this weeks Thorns:

“Thorns to busy weekends spent on a team bus, sleep is nonexistent.”

“I want to give a thorn to staying up late to write a 5 page paper.”

“Thorns to parking tickets.”

“Give a thorn to weekend hours at the Caf.”