MU Knightwatch

2018-2019 Staff

Alyssa Chartrand

Managing Editor

Alyssa is a junior communication major at Marian University with a concentration in writing. Outside of her work on MU Knightwatch, she is involved on campus as a San Damiano scholar and as a member of the Sacred Choir. She is als...

Lindsey Rousseau

Campus News Editor

Lindsey is a sophomore Communication major, who is extremely involved on campus outside of Knightwatch. She works heavily in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as the Events and Marketing Student Assistant and a Marian Ambassador....

Sarah Storm

Senior Editor

Sarah is a Senior majoring in English with a minor in Pastoral Leadership, and as now the Senior Editor for MU Knightwatch. On campus, she participates in the San Damiano program, as well as working at the Writing Center as a...

Alasdair Reese


Alasdair is a Freshman Communications major who has just recently joined MU Knightwatch. He resides in downtown Indianapolis and enjoys the many experiences available to him from skating along the canal to seeing movies in Circle...

Jazilyn Richardson


Jazilyn, or Jaz, is a sophomore Art major here at Marian. She joined Knightwatch because she wants to help make a difference in the world and this is her first step in doing so. She primarily focuses on stories and podcasts.

Chris Pappas


Chris is a Communication major at Marian, and aspires to go into law school after completing his degree. He is a transfer student from Indiana University, and is a sophomore now. He enjoys writing, arguing, and hanging out with...

Lisa Hess


Lisa is a history Major with a minor in German, as well as being involved in Knights for Life and Custodians of Beauty. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and playing games. Lisa hopes to contribute in both serious and...

Allegra Colgrove


Allegra is from Hammond, Indiana and currently lives in Sacramento, California when not at Marian University. Allegra is in her junior year with a Studio Art major and has minors in Graphic Design and Communication. Allegra gets...

Luke Thomas


Luke is a junior Communication major at Marian, who also minors in Business. He loves video games, movies, music especially, and likes to draw and play guitar from time to time. Luke joined MU Knightwatch because he thinks self-expression...

Gary Wright III


Gary is a sophomore at Marian, where he studies Communication. He enjoys sports of all kinds, and even works with the Indiana Pacers, where he escorts players. Gary's skills in 2k19 are not to be trifled with. He is a new memb...

Bella Simons


Isabella, or better known as 'Bella' studies at Marian as a freshman Communications major. She enjoys reading, writing, and watching "Friends" in her free time, and her hobbies include photography and traveling. Bella hopes her...

Zach Foss


Zach is a sophomore Secondary Education major with a concentration in English. He has a passion for anything POP culture and Star Wars. Zach is a member of the Honors Academy and enjoys dropping at Tomato Town in Fortnite. He ...

Blair Kramer

Managing Editor and Webmaster (Spring 2017-Fall 2018)

Blair is a junior at Marian University that is double majoring in communication and marketing. When she is not working on the MU Knightwatch, you can find her giving tours on campus as a student ambassador, practicing speech w...

Dr. George LaMaster

Student Media Advisor

Dr. LaMaster, or best known by students as "Dr. George," has been with Marian for fifteen years. On top of being the Chair of the Communications Department, he also works as an Associate Professor, teaching an array of classes,...