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Luke Thomas

Hello! I’m Luke Thomas, I am the news editor for MU Knightwatch, and I am a senior  communications major. I am from a little farm-town in Central Illinois called “Watseka.” I grew up there with my Mom and Dad, two younger sisters and a whole slew of pets. Currently I work for Walmart because college doesn’t pay for itself and its an easy part-time job whenever I have to go home. I am also one of three editors for Knightwatch and this is my second semester with the group. I enjoy all types of music, video games, movies, I like to draw, and I love light beer. The main reason I joined Knightwatch is because I love the creative process. I thoroughly enjoy sitting down and figuring out how to put my own thoughts into a video or a paper. Editing my own work as well as that of my classmates is a hobby for me even if its required for a grade too. Self-expression is important, and I love being able to make my own original content and give it a forum to show it off. After college, I hope to do PR work. I haven’t nailed down exactly what I want to do or even where, but ideally I want to work somewhere that allows me to continue to produce original digital content. Long term, I want to move to Tennessee and live on the countryside. It also doesn’t hurt that I’d be in close proximity to the country music capital of the world.


Luke Thomas, Staff

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