MU Knightwatch

Perceptions of Student Athletes at Marian

Luke Thomas, News Editor

September 30, 2019

Most college campuses have divisions amongst their respective student bodies, specifically between traditional academic students and student-athletes. It seems that Marian University is the same. There are disparities between...

A History of Marian Football

Allyson McClure, Social Media Editor

September 29, 2019

Marian Football is one of the biggest traditions on campus today, but few people really know how it all got started. Marian's football team began back in 2006 under the coaching of Ted Karras Jr. The first year, the team did...

Working and Studying Full-Time

Jeffery Martin, Staff Writer

September 29, 2019

Tuition cost is a vital component when choosing a school, but proper financial support can help. According to the Marian University’s website, tuition is $35,000 per semester. As of now, room and board can increase to as high...

Parking On Campus

Julia Akre, Staff Writer

September 29, 2019

Parking became an issue the first few weeks of classes for students at Marian University. During that time, returning and new students filled up our limited parking lots and caused confusion on where to park. A surge of anger...

Mission Statement

Alyssa Chartrand, Managing Editor

September 29, 2019

MU Knightwatch is a physical and digital manifestation of the news and creative elements belonging  to Marian University of Indianapolis. The MU Knightwatch staff comprises Marian students and is overseen by a faculty advisor....

One Less Wildfire

One Less Wildfire

February 14, 2019