MU Knightwatch

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How to Get Involved?

Before propelling yourself into the awesome world of journalism, I have a few questions to ask you: what do you love to do? Do you love to write? Produce photography? Manage a team? Edit a paper? Speak in front of audiences? Create podcasts? Create digital content? Get a great story out into the public sphere? Give a voice to the voiceless?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you possess a passion/interest/story that we want to share! You can be an all-star writer, a devoted photographer, a sports enthusiast/athlete, or a passionate individual with a dream. You could already be a leading reporter for The Daily Planet or you could have only ever published something on Canvas. Interested people of all levels of experience are welcome! We want to give YOU experience in journalism and reporting. While you cannot add “Student Media” as a class until next semester, you are welcome to do any of the following to be part of MU Knightwatch:

    • Come and meet at our weekly class {Every Tuesday, 3:30 PM-6:00 PM}. We meet in the Clare Hall basement (Room 020, the computer lab). 
    • Consult with us if you wish to utilize our “Student Media” room, which is located adjacent to our Clare Hall classroom. Our facility includes a computer, microphone, green screen, sound-proof paneling, and so much more to help bring your writing endeavors and creations to our platform.
  • Send your ideas in all its formats (podcasts, written works, etc.) to the following email: [email protected]
  • Find your place on our team. We are only a small group of students for now, but we are looking for writers, editors, photographers, and many more positions. We can work with your talents and award you credit in our publications. Wouldn’t you want to build up your resume? Come speak with us or email us if you are interested.
  • Give us suggestions for improvement or story leads! We love hearing from our community. Your voice and opinions truly mean a lot to us!