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Bella Simons

Bella is a Communication major at Marian University.  The sophomore loves to write, read and watch the show /Psych/, a show about a psychic detective.  She enjoys nature photography and spending time with her family.  She also  enjoys writing about the arts and entertainment in Knight Watch.  She adores traveling to new destinations.  Bella has been to England, France, Cambodia, Hawaii and more.  She loves exploring these new places and experiencing different cultures.  Bella also enjoys taking photographs of these cities and uploading them to her Flickr account, where she posts photos of travels, nature and people.  Another hobby of hers is creating art.  She likes to draw, paint and sketch in her free time.  Drawing is her favorite form of art.  Some of her subjects include animals, nature and people.  This year she joined the Speech Team and is excited to compete.  She performs prose and informative speeches.  Bella likes the variety of events that she can participate in.  She enjoys spending time with her teammates and attending competitions.She is a Riley Kid and was a Riley Champion, sharing her story at different events and fundraisers.  Bella specifically was involved in Dance Marathons and spoke at DMs for IU, IUPUI and several high schools and middle schools.  She has a passion for helping sick kids and plans on continuing to give back in the future.Her dream is to work in Public Relations.  Bella’s experience as a Riley Champion helped her realize her passion for this field.

Bella Simons, Staff Writer

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